Arduino is an open-source physical processor and a plate with a simple development environment that implements the Processing / Wiring language. Arduino can be used to develop stand-alone interactive objects, also connecting it to the computer and communicate with various types of software (eg. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP, PD).

Arduino Duemilanove
is the succession of Diecimila, in addition to the original function (auto, extended power connector, led at the plate, overload protection on the USB door) adds automatic selection of the power supply. Board comes fully assembled and tested. The ATmega168 processor comes preloaded with bootloader.

Arduino Micro
is the reduced size version of the Arduino board (without the USB function) Its small size (30x18mm) allows use where it is very important to reduce the space. Take the ATMEGA168 processor with 16K of memory for the program. Use together with USB / Serial converter is for programming and for using USB door

Arduino Nano
is the version for breadboard (breadboard) integrated with the USB port. Integrates all the functions of the Duemilanove board also carries analog inputs and a jumper to AREF. Automatically selects the power supply.

Arduino KIT Basic Level
. KIT with all components to participate in an Arduino Workshop Base Level is made: 1 Arduino Duemilanove Board + 1 USB cable 1 Straight connector, single line 2.54 40×1 1 Plate Experiment (Protoboards) with 840 points 1 70 wire kit for rapid prototyping … and a wide range of electronic components